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Zentangle® Art, by Fina Man
Tangle to Untangle


學習 Zentangle®: 課程資訊

We tangle our lives. We feel stressed, unfocused, and tired. We are not able to think clearly. We bump ourselves into problems. We are not able to solve it!

But we can untangle it. When you draw your Zentangles, you enter into a Zen state of mind, tangling to untangle the tangles in your mind, your heart, and your life!

This is an art of untangling tangles in your mind, and in your life!

Zentangle Hong Kong

Zentangle Hong Kong

Zentangle Hong Kong

Zentangle Hong Kong

Zentangle Hong Kong

Zentangle Hong Kong

Who am I?

I am Fina.

I am grateful to be the first Certified Zentangle® Teacher who draws and teaches Zentangles in Hong Kong, in China and in Asia.

I am also very glad that I graduated from the only Zentangle® Master Class conducted only once by the founders of Zentangle.

What is Zentangle?

Zentangle is not just an art, it is an open-eyes meditation! Most people thinks it is just a form of art, they lost the essence of Zentangle. Practicing Zentangle enhances your power to focus, to think and to create!

Zentangle is an easy-to-learn way of creating beautiful art from repetitive patterns. It is fun and relaxing.
Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. Zentangle is enjoyed by people of all ages, from kids to adults.

More importantly, you can learn Zentangle just within a few hours.

Benefits of Zentangle?

Different people using Zentangle for different purposes. Here's a list of how some of our Zentangle artists enjoying its benefits.

Zentangle Hong Kong Relaxation
Zentangle Hong Kong Improving sleep quality
Zentangle Hong Kong Inspiration
Zentangle Hong Kong Self-Esteem
Zentangle Hong Kong Relieving Stress
Zentangle Hong Kong Team Building
Zentangle Hong Kong Anger Management
Zentangle Hong Kong Ability to Focus
Zentangle Hong Kong Developing Motor-Skill
Zentangle Hong Kong Sense of Peace
Zentangle Hong Kong Coordination

Zentangle Hong Kong Creating Art
Zentangle Hong Kong Alternative form of Therapy
Zentangle Hong Kong Satisfaction
Zentangle Hong Kong

What & Where to learn Zentangle?

If you are interested to learn this great art of zentangles, come to our Mind-Drawing Workshop in Hong Kong!

You are not just going to learn how to draw, you learn all the underlying principles behind the art & science of Zentangles.

You can see your own improvement, both in drawing and thinking, just within minutes!

Wish to learn Zentangle: join our only once a year Mind-Drawing Workshop, or go to our Facebook Page.

It is more than learning just how to draw, but also how to live in peace with yourself - the Zentangle Way of Peace & Fulfillment in Life!